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A study says that dye in food increases the risk of IBD

A study says that dye in food increases the risk of IBD

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Frequent food consumption red dye Synthetics can increase a person’s risk of developing it Inflammatory bowel disease.

This was published by a study on the 20th in the Scientific Journal Nature Communications.

Although widely used in the food industry, Chemicals It may have an effect on the body.

Red dye is used to attract children

It is found in sweets, breakfast cereals, beverages and processed snacks Additive known as Alora Red Conditioner used to give color and texture.

Western diets, for example, are special Rich in synthetic dyes that improve the appearance of food to attract consumers, Especially children.

The red dye can cause enteritis

during the study Led by researchers McMaster UniversityIn Canada, rats were fed high doses of Allura Red AC daily for twelve weeks.

According to the publication, higher levels of serotonin It was observed in rodents that consumed the dye in larger quantities.

Also known as happiness hormonelarge amounts of the neurotransmitter, which helps stimulate bowel muscle movement, It can be harmful to the bodyas they alter the composition of the gut microbiota.

In this way, the same rodents evolved Ulcerative colitisIt is a chronic disease characterized by Inflammation of the large intestine And with extraintestinal manifestations.

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Effect of red pigments on humans

In the case of humans, the study suggests that consumption of the dye It can harm immunity person.

consequences Inflammatory bowel diseases And the Ulcerative colitisfor example, which are diseases Digestive affecting millions of people around the world.

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The researchers also claim that Use of dyes Compositions in food products more significantly over the past fifty years.

However, the amount of scientific work on these products is still limited, so the importance of More experiments To understand Effects of dyes on the body.

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