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"A sudden illness that I drop ..."

“A sudden illness that I drop …”

Nilton was one of the many public figures who celebrated the birthday of Pedro Lima, who, if he were alive, on Tuesday, April 20, he would be 50 years old.

The comedian shared on his Instagram account a picture of the actor smiling, and in the caption he began by highlighting:

Today, 50 years ago, the greatest pool of people I have ever metHe admitted, noting that Pedro Lima is still “present” in the people he has met in his life.

“I always had a hug, a warmth to give, and above all, the patience to know how to listen.”

Nelton later said that his “greatest listener” ended up not hearing his voice at the end of his life, asserting that Pedro Lima ended up “being the victim of a sudden illness that managed to overthrow him”:

“It may serve as a warning so that we are more attentive to each other, or even to ourselves, because no one is free to be equally caught in a cloudy moment (…) Neither of us can point a finger or say that we will not do this or that when none of us knows whether it will be stronger than the darkest of thoughts. ”, Cautious.

The truth is, we cannot predict the pitfalls hidden in a seemingly happy mind.

In the end, Nilton highlighted what the actor had left off well, and later congratulated him:

“ Even though he’s been here for a little while, he’s done more and touches more people than many of us have done twice. And if in life we ​​are what we do and what we give, Pedro was too old or too old to give and left. (…) Congratulations to Pedro Lima for what he has done and for what he continues to do. “

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