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a surprise!  Changes in the popularity rating of “Big Brother” – Verver

a surprise! Changes in the popularity rating of “Big Brother” – Verver

As usual, TVI publishes the rankings every week For the popularity of “Big Brother”.

In the new schedule, which was released on Thursday (25) morning, there are several changes that could shock the public. However, first place was again awarded to Daniel Pereiraknown as panelo.

Renata Andrade took second place, moving up one place. actually Gabriel Souza came downstairs and had to be content with that 'Bronze Medal'.

But what is really surprising is the sharp decline Teotonio generation, which happens to be the least popular of the group. Alexandre Ferreira and Joao Oliveira also dropped to 14th and 15th places.

The main characters in this edition presented by Claudio Ramos, Katarina MirandAbdul Latif Daniela Ventura, was more in the middle of the table. Katarina ranks eighth, while Daniela ranks thirteenth.

Remember that next Sunday, April 28, another competitor will leave the house of the most watched in the country, Inés Moraes, Rita Oliveira, David Mauricio and Alex Ferreira.

See popularity rating below:

Daniel I
Renata II
Gabriel III
Carolina IV
Arthur V
Rita the sixth
Daisy's seventh
8 Catarina Miranda
Andrew IX
David X
Aeneas XI
12 Fabio
Daniela 13
Alexander XIV
John XV
Sixteenth generation

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