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A Swedish expert said that Ukraine's recovery of Crimea is the end for Putin

A Swedish expert said that Ukraine’s recovery of Crimea is the end for Putin

Russia’s attack on Ukraine really began in 2014 when Vladimir Putin and Russia annexed Crimea. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has previously stated that Crimea must be restored.

If that happens, things will be bad for Vladimir Putin, says a Swedish Russia expert.

Hard to see Putin “survive”

According to an expert on Russian foreign and security policy, Gudrun Persson, the annexation of Crimea was very popular in Russia, even in circles critical of Putin. There was acceptance of this act in Russian society, as well as in parts of the West.

– Putin got away with it. It is very difficult for me to survive the loss of Crimea politically, says expert on Russian foreign and security policy Gudrun Persson according to Expressen. today’s news.

If Crimea falls into Ukrainian hands again, Persson believes Russia’s response will be merciless. It points to more terrorist bombings as a possible response.

He believes that a change of power is the only possibility

Pearson believes that the only way the war in Ukraine can truly end is to replace the Russian leadership.

– When the leader of the Kremlin changes his surname, there is always a change in one direction or the other. But we don’t know who will take over. If Putin is Lenin, then there can be Stalin. If Putin is Stalin, then perhaps there will be Khrushchev, says Pearson, according to the report. Express.

She points out that such a change can be unexpected and can happen very quickly.