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A symbol of female empowerment, Tina Turner has taken all the odds of success and built her throne

A symbol of female empowerment, Tina Turner has taken all the odds of success and built her throne

A black woman, from disadvantaged families with a career start marked by domestic violence

She wanted to be the first woman to fill in the stadiums, as she herself admitted. And Tina Turner succeeded, even if, at first, everything indicated that she would have an inauspicious future. The daughter of humble families at a time when racial segregation in the United States was still an issue, she was the victim of an abusive relationship during the beginning of her career.

The breakup with Ike Turner could have been the end of her career — the singer went on to clean houses afterward — but the star had just been born. “Tina Turner is one of the greatest interpreters of rock and soul music since the late 1950s,” recalled music critic Vitor Bilanciano for CNN Portugal.

Vitor Planciano describes a woman who, even when going through acts that are not her own, “holds them” in a way, always with “a sexual and erotic interpretation”.

“She had the ability to dress up as characters and do her own thing, even at her most successful stage, when she no longer fit into the ideals of female beauty,” he adds, admitting that, in his opinion, some versions of Tina Turner were better than the originals.

CNN Portugal’s Luis Jardim points out the “cool photo” of a woman in “that jig,” which “caught our attention.” However, the producer says that Tina Turner “would have made it no matter what” because of the strong voice she always had.

Tina Turner performing at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro to 200,000 people (AP)

Kill all enemies

To the “wonderful voice,” Vitor Planciano adds, “the wonderful interpreter.” An attribute that she preserved after the age of forty, and strengthened after her separation from her husband, at whose hands she suffered domestic violence for 15 years. Even at this point, he maintained his sensual side that conquered everyone, being one of the few examples of someone over forty who managed to do so.

Louis Jardim talks about his “girlfriend” Tina Turner as someone who ended up figuring out how to manage her career, despite the odds. “It was a woman who managed to stay on top all these years.”

She remembers musician and producer Tina Turner as a “very strong woman” and “outspoken”. He spoke to everyone as if he had known them forever, leaving an episode with Rod Stewart, in which the American spoke to the singer “as if he were her son.”

Vitor Blanciano also sees Tina Turner not as a victim, but as someone who bore all the possibilities of becoming successful in the art world, and who, with her “female empowerment side”, was full of “courage” to be one of the greatest ever. “Victor”.

“When you finally break out and have the courage to come out, speak out, and reveal a very complicated 15-year life, it’s worth the courage,” he repeats.

Beyoncé or Rihanna are two contemporary artists who embody what Tina Turner stands for, argues Vitor Pilanciano. His legacy spans generations and musical styles. He has left his mark on soul, R&B, and rock.

Excellent singer and performer Nata, his death will make you revisit the music of the 60’s and 70’s, and the “possibility of rediscovering it” will bring you good surprises.

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