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A terrible accident: – He drowned in a swimming pool pipe

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After 13 hours of disappearance, the rescue team was able to extract the eight-year-old child, according to what several American media outlets reported.

The tragic accident occurred on Saturday, around five in the evening local time, in the swimming pool of the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in the US state of Texas.

According to the local news site ABC13It was reported that Alia Jayco was “stuck in the pipes of a malfunctioning pool system.”

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The mother of the eight-year-old girl, Daniela Gaico, filed a lawsuit against the hotel. In a statement issued late Monday night, a Hilton spokesperson said:

“Hilton sends its condolences to the family and relatives following the tragic loss of a little girl at the DoubleTree by Hilton Houston Brookhollow. This property is owned and operated by an independent third party. Hilton does not own, manage, or control the day-to-day operations of the hotel,” the statement said.

Furthermore, the hotel is reportedly cooperating with the police in the investigation.

Put on camera

in The suit He explains that the eight-year-old boy and his mother rented a hotel room so they could spend the day by the pool.

When the daughter suddenly disappeared from the pool area, the mother must have searched for the eight-year-old in the hotel area for an hour, before calling 911.

My mother went on vacation: she died alone

My mother went on vacation: she died alone

Surveillance cameras were checked and it was found that Alia had entered the pool, but never returned.

The pool was emptied of water, and small cameras were installed on long poles to examine the pool pipes from the inside, where the girl was.

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– Suck in

“Aaliyah was sucked into a large, unsafe 30- to 40-centimeter hole in the pool’s circulation system,” the lawsuit states.

According to police, the investigation revealed that there was something major wrong with the new pool facility. The pumps, which were supposed to “pump” the water into the pool, sucked it up.

Rolf (86 years old) was refused help: - Angry

Rolf (86 years old) was refused help: – Angry

– Many of us had to wipe away our tears. This is one of the saddest events we've seen, says Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch, which helps with searches for missing people.

The primary cause of death of Alia Jayco was drowning and suffocation. And the last according The most important medical encyclopedias A term that refers to a condition in which there is a general lack of oxygen in all tissues of the body. The accident is still under investigation.

“Rest in peace my beautiful baby girl”

The eight-year-old's mother has since shared several photos of her daughter on Facebook, along with heartbreaking text.

“It is said that everyone has a predetermined destiny, but I cannot understand how this could be yours. Thank you, my love, for the eight years you spent by my side. Thank you, my girl, for teaching me what love and a noble heart are. I still cannot accept “You won't be here anymore, and I don't have to pretend.”

“I hope I see you again someday, and that you see me. Seeing your big, contagious smile […] i will love you forever. You are the most beautiful thing God has given me, but after all the battles we have been through together, we have lost this battle. Rest in peace my beautiful baby.”

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