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A Tesla Model Y was abandoned after a semi-trailer was towed

A Tesla Model Y was abandoned after a semi-trailer was towed

No, it's not a Christmas story. And yes, it's true that a Tesla Model Y was spotted towing a semi-trailer in Texas this week. While the sight of an electric SUV pulling a large trailer has attracted a lot of attention, we may never know the full story behind it after it was found abandoned with the driver nowhere to be found.

Can the Tesla Model Y tow a 10-ton semi-trailer?

According to Tesla, The Model Y has a towing capacity of 1600 kg. Which seems like enough to tow a good sized camping trailer or small boat. Those who have already used this ability of a Tesla electric car say that the car has a lot of power and that pulling such small objects is simple for the Y.

This indicates that the vehicle has enough power to carry loads in excess of its rated capacity. However, there are clearly other limitations that limit it to 1.6 tons, such as the brakes' ability to stop such a heavy load.

Then there's the impact on electric vehicle range, which can be significantly reduced the heavier the trailer. Apparently, all of this wasn't a cause for concern for a Model Y driver, who hitched a large semi-trailer to an electric SUV this week in Harlingen, Texas.

Many videos were circulated on social media, showing that he had no problem pulling the huge trailer. He was also seen in several different locations, indicating that it wasn't just a short trip around the building.

However, the trip ended in a service station parking lot, where the driver abandoned both the Model Y and the trailer, according to Capital Towing, which the company contacted to tow them.

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When contacted by some media outlets, a towing company employee said that both the Model Y and the trailer are now on their lot and that they are unlikely to be collected, considering the cost of recovering them. So, if you're looking for a cheap Model Y (with some damage) and a semi trailer, you can probably get them both at a discount.

As for the driver, he'll probably never come forward, but it would be interesting to know the story behind this craze of pulling a semi-trailer with a Tesla Model Y.