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A touching video recorded before the death of Paulo Gustavo is spreading widely

A touching video recorded before the death of Paulo Gustavo is spreading widely

“aMe, I wanted to tell you a lot before I left. ”This is how a video of Paulo Gustavo started and went viral in the past few hours.

The pictures were recorded before the actor’s death, as part of Globo’s New Year’s parade, but the truth is that the message it conveys has become more recent with the death of the famous Brazilian actor and comedian, who, at the age of 42, lost a battle against Covid.19.

Laughter is an act of resistance. Now we need this flat mask to protect the face from this virus, and unfortunately this mask hides something very valuable to us Brazilians: the smile. With sympathy and humility he characterized, Paulo Gustavo says: “It is covered, it must be invisible but it is there and it will not cease to exist.”

“While this long-awaited vaccine is not sufficient for everyone, It is good to remember that against prejudice, intolerance, lying and sadness, there is indeed a vaccine: it is emotion, it is love. So say how much you love the one you love, but don’t just stick to the phrase, love it in practice. Loving is work, loving is an art. Lots of love … see you laterThus ends the video, which is now seen, which appears to have been recorded as a kind of farewell.

Paulo Gustavo has been hospitalized since March with Covid-19, last Sunday he had a pulmonary embolism that had worsened his health. The Brazilian actress, considered a humor genius, was announced dead on Tuesday.

The photos have also been shared by many public figures, such as Sofia Ribeiro. Now see:

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