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A tropical storm is blowing across the east coast of Australia

Francisco Martin Lyon 3 min
Active and named tropical cyclones until March 1, 2021. JTWC

According to Good, Australian Meteorological Office, A tropical depression called 23PThe wind will blow at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour and 95 kilometers per hour.

The system is located 55 km east of 17.2º south and 146.8º east, 115 km southeast of Cairns, 90 km northeast of the Innisfail, and travels west at 12 km / h.

The latest movement of the tropics was slow and westward. However, it will be slow to turn north late today and overnight.

Natural color image of Tropical Storm 23B for March 1, 2021. NASA

That is expected On Tuesday, March 2, the tropics reach low tropical cyclone strength. While not expected to make landfall, the system is likely to bring strong winds to coastal and island communities.

It is likely to be close to the coast for the next two days as the hurricane intensifies. In the long run, a southeast path is likely to go to sea as a Type 3 hurricane.

Infrared line of tropical storm 23B from February 28 to March 1, 2021 CIMSS

Notices for Zones

The hurricane is expected to reach speeds of up to 100km / h today and Tuesday and is likely to be close to the coastal and island communities between Cape Flattery and Lucinda.

Heavy rain is expected in coastal communities And the island between Caps Blatter and Lucinda, including Cairns and Innisfile, tonight and Tuesday. There is a current flood monitor for the northern tropical coast between Mission Beach and Rolling Stone; See that product for more information.

Bad seas will occur in the region and large waves will cause flooding near the coast. Vulnerable people must take action to protect their property as much as possible and be willing to help neighboring countries.

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When, Tropical cyclone Marion is located in the southern Indian Ocean In open water as a system equivalent to a type 1-2 hurricane.

When, The Atlantic is calm and less than 100 days before the start of the 2021 hurricane season According to the latest public opinion, as of June 1, it is expected to be much more active than normal. It should be noted that in previous years some Atlantic tropical storms developed before the official date.

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