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A two-headed snake returns after a neck injury

A two-headed snake returns after a neck injury

Uncoordinated: Two snake heads often try to move in different directions, Texas Zoo.

The saying “two heads are better than one” is not at all applicable to the American snake “Pancho and Lefty”.


Have you always dreamed of seeing a rare two-headed snake?

Now you have the opportunity if you are in the US state of Texas.

Cameron Park Zoo in Waco announced earlier this month that their beloved python is back on display after spending more than two years away from the limelight.

Two-headed: rat snake.

The snake “Pancho and Lefty” was originally found in a family garden in 2016.

– This snake probably won’t live long in the open because it has two brains that often send conflicting commands to one’s body, the zoo writes on its own. Facebook page.

This leads to uncoordinated movements, and a risk of neck injury as the snake’s heads try to move in different directions or get caught in branches, rocks, and other obstacles, according to the zoo.

The snake is said to have suffered a neck injury in February 2021 and was therefore temporarily removed from the exhibit to allow the wound to heal.

But now the famous rat snake is finally back:

“Even though he’s been away from the show for over two years, we still get questions about him, so we’re glad he’s visible to everyone again,” Zoo writes.