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A very serious meeting

A very serious meeting

Foreign Minister Anken Huetfeldt (Labour) said it was important to avoid misunderstandings with Russia. She believes that it will be important for NATO not to contribute to more tension in the future.

– Then it could be more dangerous, she says.

– Grand

On Friday, I attended an extraordinary summit between NATO and European Union foreign ministers.

– It was a very serious meeting where the Second World War and the Balkan war were mentioned, says Heuytfeldt on the phone from Brussels.

For the first time, Sweden and Finland, which are not members of NATO, participated.

The meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels was an extraordinary meeting to address the escalating war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba addressed his colleagues in a video message in which he described the deteriorating humanitarian situation in his country.

Ukraine: Drone images show the massive devastation in the city of Borodinka near Kyiv in Ukraine. Video: Reuters
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NATO is getting ready

Ministers again condemned, according to NATO sitesRussia’s brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. They also expressed their solidarity and support for the courage of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian armed forces.

At the same time, there was a strong appeal not to escalate the situation and contribute to more tension. Then it could be more dangerous. Now we must avoid misunderstandings, while showing solidarity with Ukraine, says Heuytfeldt.

In addition to the thousands of troops the Allies have already sent into the eastern part of NATO, NATO is now deploying its own response force for the first time. More than 130 aircraft and more than 200 ships from the far north have been deployed on high alert in the Mediterranean

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