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Mulher perde sua conta @metaverse no Instagram após Facebook mudar de nome

A woman loses her Instagram metaverse after Facebook changed her name

Imagine if you open a file Instagram, which you have had for nearly 10 years and use for personal moments and to promote your business, you may come across the following message:

“Your account has been banned for pretending to be someone else”

What would your first reaction be? Maybe you remember everything you did on your account or track down someone with the same name to see if they reported you. Because in the case of Australian Thea May Bowman, “in” your Instagram account was (he) metaverse, the name of the future hypothetical universe of dead, the old name for Facebook social networking site company Who exactly is the owner? Instagram. Tragic, isn’t it?

a Tweet embed From Bowman It was her personal account, but she also used it to advertise her professional projects: her company Metaverse Makers. The Australian company had a concept that coincides with the new proposal for Mark Zuckerberg. Bowman He had the idea of ​​producing clothes with augmented reality. Someone will open the cell phone camera framing the outfit (that someone will be wearing) and see different effects. The project even raised money, but ended up going bankrupt. Thus, the user converted the company account to a personal account. Check out the example below:

The account was suspended five days after the name change was announced Facebook Inc to dead, which ended up leaving something fishy in the air. Bowman I contacted support Instagram To verify her identity, she went unanswered for weeks. So a journalist heard your story and ended up in The New York Times. Call a newspaper reporter Meta / Facebook To illustrate the story and two days later the account was recovered.

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Stephanie Otway, spokeswoman Facebook social networking siteIt was reported that there was an error removing the account for impersonating someone else. Now it remains to be seen if the company will pay to have the username for its own project.


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via: Ars Chinica source: The New York Times