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A woman swears she came from the year 3812, a picture she brought from the future shows what life on Mars looks like

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For several years, countless people have made efforts to prove that it is possible to travel through time. Or because they lived the experience, or because they know someone who did. This time, a woman displays an image of what she says is human life on Mars and the man believes his grandfather had a smartphone during the 1940s.

A 37-year-old woman, who introduced herself as Mary, took to YouTube to announce her return to Earth as a time traveler. He was returning from Mars on a visit from the year 3812. But he did not come empty-handed, but with a supposed image proving the presence of human life on the Red Planet.

The image shown in the video has some graininess. By Mary’s statements, the planet was invaded by China. “It appeared on Mars. It looked like a desert with many buildings in it. I took a picture right away,” he said, like quoted “the sun”. He considered that “Mars was very interesting and frightening at the same time.”

According to this woman, in the year 3812, “only the Chinese live on Mars” because they are “contracted with the whole world” for mineral discovery. He further explains that “about 70% of the most valuable minerals come from Mars.” Other than these Chinese citizens, “other people just pass by, like tourists.”

Mary believes this photo is proof that time travel is not a myth. TikTok user Jimmy the Filmmaker has approved, now A picture of his grandfather, whom he calls “Papa George,” was found in World War II, holding what he believed to be a smartphone.

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Both Jamie and his brother are so convinced that their grandfather was a time traveler that he allowed himself to take pictures of him holding an iPhone in his hand. In the comments, many people question what happened, claiming that it is a mirror, as Reports “the sun”.

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