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(crédito: CBMDF/Divulgação)

A worker hanging on the front of the Ministry of Science and Technology

Published on 09/22/2022 00:00

(Credit: CBMDF/Disclosure)

A 35-year-old worker was trapped in the frontage of the Ministry of Science and Technology, located in Esplanada dos Ministérios, on Wednesday afternoon (21/9). At 15:55, soldiers from the Federal District Fire Department (CBMDF) arrived at the scene and saw the man sitting on a chair. Check below a video From the rescue made by the company.

The employee was suspended by ropes at a height of about nine meters, as the equipment malfunctioned and prevented him from making his decision. Then, CBMDF teams reassured the worker and were able to safely remove it through a window in the building.

After the rescue and on solid ground, the military assessed the worker who did not want to be identified and did not need to be taken to the hospital. The DF’s Military Fire Department responded to the event with five vehicles and 12 military personnel.

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