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AA Espinho Benfica Match 2 Semi-Final

AA Espinho Benfica Match 2 Semi-Final

International tournament
Game 2
Semi-final playoff
The final result
The first group the second group The third group
27-29 15-25 18-25

Benfica On Saturday afternoon, AA Espinho played the second match of the semi-finals He clears his throat From the National Volleyball Championship. Class and decisive performance from the Eagles, winning 3-0, and 2-0 in the draw!

He was Advantage in the drawafter victory (3-0) in the first match of the semi-finals He clears his throat Which was a start The final stage of the national championship Who will decide the hero, that Benfica Travel to Espinho to play Game 2.

Hectic atmosphere in the Geronimo Reis Architectural Pavilion to the duel, with the Associação Académica de Espinho entering insistently and putting themselves in the lead (8-5). The Eagles grow in the match and, with Distinctive block, A tie with ten points The first advantage of 12-13. Balances and Pablo Nathan Made a difference in service15-18He led the Reds to victory in the first set despite the great reaction from the opponent. An amazing segment, with the merits already established, and with a phenomenal delivery: 27-29!

The start of the second set seemed to be guided by balance, however Benfica quickly dispelled this illusion! Lots of quality, lots of design, class…and 5-9, 6-12, 10-17, 11-19, 12-23. The hosts tried to respond, But the team led by Marcel Matz was unstoppable! With ten Identify points Available at second chance 15-25 and 0-2 in the Challenge.

The beginning of the third group was taken from carbon paper from the previous group, but Felipe Pandro showed his credentials And the 5-13 It was clear that Benfica wanted to solve the problem quickly. The men coached by Miguel Maia are still trying to get back into the game (15-18), but it was sunny for a short time, as expert Hugo Gaspard closed the partial (18-25) and the Match 0-3

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Hey Game 3 From the semi-finals He clears his throat from the national championship, Better than fivecompete in 8:30pm on Tuesday, April 9, at Pavilhão No. 2 da Luz. In case of victory, Benfica will make the score 3-0 and qualify for the final. In case of defeat, there will be another match.

Marcel Matz


Marcel Matz (Benfica coach): “The first group, once again, was well contested. We knew it would be more complicated on their court. We came with that warning, and they came very strong, but our reversal succeeded in putting us in the discussion and we won, which shook the energy of the opponent.. I liked our performance very much.” Especially serving, blocking and defending…we managed 25 brake In a match where the score was 0-3, which is good, we made some mistakes in attack. We have proven quality! It was important to win and now it is time to conclude the match next Tuesday at home.”

Benfica - Espinho

A Espinho – Benfica
Pavilion engineer Geronimo Reis
Initial formation of Benfica
Pablo Natan, Pearson Ischenko, Thiago Violas, Gabba, Lucas Fransa, Felipe Bandero, Ivo Casas (left)
Rafa, Peter Wohlfahrtstätter, Hugo Gaspar, Luis Rodriguez, Eduardo Brito, Nuno Marques and Bernardo Silva (left)
AA Espinho Initial Training
Gustavo Brito, Fernando Arbajo, Paulo Montero, José Pedro Andrade, José Pinto, Roberto Reis and Hugo Ribeiro (left)
Vinicius Santos, Ricardo Vieira, Ricardo A. Silva, Felipe Leite, Bernardo Oliveira, Miguel Sa and Joao Castro (left)
The first group the second group The third group
27-29 15-25 18-25