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Imagem de: Abandoned não foi cancelado, garante desenvolvedora

Abandoned has not been canceled, says the developer

Not this time abandoned It was abandoned, at least in theory. In an official memo published last Thursday (31), Blue Box Game Studio denied rumors that the mysterious survival horror game for the PlayStation 5 has been cancelled. The statement comes shortly after the studio Deleted tweets related to surreptitious project plans.

We have recently received requests and questions regarding the abandoned development phase. Regarding the latest rumors about Abandoned Abandonment’s cancellation, we replied that these rumors are false.”the studio said in a statement. “We are working on revealing through the Live Experience app and online channels along with the intro to the game. This was all planned for the first quarter of 2022, but unfortunately we weren’t prepared and we underestimated our development schedule.”justified.

According to the studio, these are the reasons for the disclosure and release of the so-called Abandoned: Introduction been postponed. Despite this, he ensures that he will provide the content when it is “stable, good and ready” and take the opportunity to apologize to the users.


Gamers have many reasons not to trust the ads of Blue Box Game Studios and abandoned. the game, which spread widely after speculation linking its production to Hideo Kojima and the silent Hillhad a disastrous “reveal” in August last year with the launch of a so-called app-trailer, which promised a real-time experience of what the project would be like.

However, the revelation Three days late after alleged technical problems And in the end, it was just a teaser for a few seconds that was already released by the official networks of the product, which caused great frustration among users. The app also highlighted that new content will be released soon, but nothing happened even months later.

A report also surfaced from user @F4ST3X, a singer who says he worked at least 50 hours on a song that the Blue Box had never used. He claims to have received emails every 6 or 12 weeks since August 2021 with apologies for the delay and promises to pay.

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Please note that abandoned It debuted in an official post on the PlayStation Blog in April of last year until Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony’s indie games division, He was waiting for the game’s supposed unveiling in August of last year. At this point, there is no concrete evidence that the game actually exists and Sony has never commented on this.