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'Abandoned' PS5 release delayed until August

‘Abandoned’ PS5 release delayed until August

Aura of mystery around the game “abandoned”, for PlayStation 5, only increases. On Friday morning (25th), director Hassan Kahraman recorded a video and posted it to the developer account BlueBox Game Studio at Twitter Report the game app trailer for August has been delayed. The news should arrive at the end of this month of June.

“The past two weeks have been very stressful for us. The team is very tired,” Hassan said in the video. “We were hoping to launch the app today and I know many of you are looking forward to it, so thank you very much for that. Thank you so much. However, I decided to postpone the application until August, when the first trailer will also be released,” he explained.

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Hassan added that the quality of the application and what is presented do not match the standards of the small team. “We just wanted to give a strong first impression of the match. For now, the ‘Abandoned’ app manager added.

Hasan Kahraman’s video should clarify, but it brought in more conspiracy theories. Players believe he is an actor hired by game designer Hideo Kojima to hide a new project from ‘the silent HillNow, followers go even further and claim that the director is a CG character.

“Has anyone watched Hassan’s video again? This guy is CG. It’s not real and I’m not kidding. It’s that ‘realistic graphics’ tweet they posted a while ago, which got me thinking about this video response and why this person might be,” wrote ikotherainman. It’s on the computer.”

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“Abandoned” would be a Game of survival horror. It has sparked a lot of speculation in recent weeks and is still shrouded in mystery. Even with speculation about it being a secret project for “Silent Hill,” the developers at Blue Box Game Studios claim they have “no relation” to the other title.

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