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ABBA breaks the silence of 40 years with the album

ABBA breaks the silence of 40 years with the album

The Swedish pop band will also perform virtual concerts.

ABBA is back after 40 years of silence and will release a new album, “Journey,” on November 5th that includes a Christmas song. The last album of Swedish pop wizards “Visitors” in 1981. Two songs from the epic “Journey” can now be heard “I Still Believe in You” and the most danceable “Don’t Shut Me Down”.

This return does not end with a new album, as the quartet also decided to create a show with the name of the disc, which was announced in May 2022 in London. From next Tuesday tickets are on sale.

But whoever attends the party won’t get a chance to see Benny Anderson, Agnetha Waltzkog, Annie-Fried Lingstad and Bjorn Ulvaeus. The experience will be “digital versions of themselves, not holograms,” the press release states, and will appear every night alongside a live band of ten musicians in a new 3,000-seat space in the Olympic Park from London called ABBA Arena. “It was a pleasure working with the group again – I’m really happy with what we’ve done,” Lyngstad said of the encounter. He adds that Andersson and Ulvaeus are “really talented and wonderful authors”.

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