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Abel Ferreira without the press room at the end of the Sao Paulo Palmeiras match

Abel Ferreira without the press room at the end of the Sao Paulo Palmeiras match

São Paulo is talking about “reciprocity”, making the mixed zone available “at the expense of the visiting club” in response to the poor conditions provided in the recent derby at Palmeiras' ground.

“It is worth noting that in the last match held at Allianz Parque, São Paulo had to hold the press conference in a small space attached to the mixed area of ​​the stadium, a place through which many people pass, allowing access to the field.” “Players’ dressing room Ball, without the right to properly adjust the background with the sponsors,” Sao Paulo wrote.

Palmeiras' version is different. “We informed São Paulo, only after the match, that there would be no room for a press conference for coach Abel Ferreira. Since the visitor did not offer us any alternative, the coach's conference had to be cancelled. The argument used by São Paulo (reciprocity) does not match The truth is that, as a visitor, Palmeiras always provides space for an interview with the opponent's coach,” reads the note issued by Verdão.

The match witnessed many controversies and Sao Paulo president Julio Casares threw himself into the arbitration. “The refereeing was a disaster. It was ridiculous. The Sao Paulo Federation cannot behave like this. I saw the assistant referee making fun of Calleri. I saw the assistant referee Abel laughing and making fun of him. Enough of Abel refereeing Paulistão matches. What we saw in Morumbi was a disgrace,” he told GloboEsporte. “.

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