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Abel is in desperate need of attention every weekend.

Abel is in desperate need of attention every weekend.

Palmeiras defeated Sao Paulo last Sunday, at Morumbi Stadium, with a score of 2-0, but the match of the tenth round of the Brazilian League was marked by a tense moment in the first half, which earned Abel Ferreira a yellow card.

The Portuguese coach did not like the foul made by Jonathan Calleri on Maike on the sidelines, and argued fiercely with the Argentine striker, who accused him of hitting a Palmeiras player.

During ESPN’s “Resenha da Rodada” program, former Uruguay defender Lugano, who passed through Sao Paulo, left sharp criticism of the Portuguese’s behavior.

“I think it’s more and more unfathomable. I’ve been playing football for 25 years, I’ve seen fights between players, arguments, training with and against coaches with a certain mood… in the face. I’ve never seen. The player is sacred. He doesn’t move. It’s like the law of football is not Written. Abel has already done that with Lesero, Arrascaita, and now with Calleri. Perhaps he has not succeeded in increasing the success he has achieved, because he has never succeeded as he is now in his career, and increasing success is difficult, ”he began by saying.

“You can say that he desperately needs attention every weekend. We can talk about Rafael Vega, Zé Rafael, Dudu, Rooney or Weverton and talk about him again. It’s a strategy, it can’t be a coincidence,” he stressed.

«I imagine the Palmeiras players are a little embarrassed by the coach’s attitude. It bothers me mainly because of the lack of respect for the player. Arguing with the referee is indeed wrong, but with the opposing player, do you stick your finger in the face? yell at him? And above all, the most important and most disturbing thing: I was in Morumbi, and this situation generated a discussion about violence in the stadium. (…) In another moment of South American football, 10 years ago, this situation would have ended with Abel in the hospital, ”he added.

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Already after the final whistle, it should be noted, Abel had a friendly conversation with Calleri and the two left the field. In the press conference, the Portuguese coach admitted that he had apologized, stressing that he had “great respect and admiration for Calleri,” but stressed that he had no regrets and “what happened there remains there.”