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About 80 confirmed cases of monkeypox in 11 countries (Portugal has 23 cases)

About 80 confirmed cases of monkeypox in 11 countries (Portugal has 23 cases)

On Friday, the World Health Organization announced that there are about 80 confirmed cases of monkeypox in 11 countries, saying these outbreaks are atypical because they occur in non-endemic countries.

The World Health Organization said in a statement that it was Working with partners to better understand the extent and cause of monkeypox outbreaks (monkeypox).

virus endemic In some animal groups in several countries, leading to Occasional outbreaks among locals and travelers, but “recent outbreaks recorded to date in 11 atypical countries, It also occurs in non-endemic countries”, says the World Health Organization.

“It is likely that more cases will be reported.”

According to the World Health Organization, There are about 80 confirmed cases so far and 50 investigations are pending. “Probably More cases are being reported as surveillance expands.”

The World Health Organization confirms that it is working with affected countries and other countries to Expand disease surveillance, to find and support people who may be infected, and to provide guidance on how to manage the disease.

“We continue Holding expert meetings and technical advisory groups (such as today’s meeting of the Strategic Group on Infectious Risks with Epidemiological and Endemic Potential) to share information on disease and response strategies”, WHO stresses that Continue to receive updates on the status of an ongoing outbreak of monkeypox (which is spreading differently from COVID-19) in non-endemic countries.

The WHO urges people to stay informed, Through reliable sources, such as national health authorities, about the extent of the disease outbreak in your community (if any), Symptoms and prevention.

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It also warns that the response to the disease should focus on The infected persons and their close contacts with them He states that “stigmatizing groups of people due to disease is totally unacceptable”.

“It could be an obstacle to ending the outbreak, as it can prevent people from seeking health care, and lead to undetected spread,” the statement warned.

Portugal has recorded 23 cases of monkeypox virus according to the Directorate General of Health (DGS), which is awaiting results on other samples.

  • text: SIC Notícias, partner POSTAL TV