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Ukraine is eagerly waiting for new ammunition, which is in demand here and now.

This is what Prime Minister Denis Gemayel said in the Sunday issue of the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

– It is literally a matter of days, says the Prime Minister.

– Saved many lives

Jamihal also requested noise transmitters that could disable what he calls “20-30 Iranian kamikaze drones.” According to the prime minister, Russia uses this against Ukraine every day.

However, Sjmyhal praises Germany’s recent delivery of the Iris-T air defense system.

This system is now in use and has “already saved many, many lives,” he said.

Get a new help pack

US President Joe Biden is expected to sign a new $1 billion aid package for Ukraine soon.

According to Reuters, the package contains weapons and ammunition for long-range weapons and armored personnel carriers.

The package includes several advanced HIMARS missile systems and Norwegian-made Nasams anti-aircraft missiles, as well as 50 M113 armored personnel carriers.

The White House will not comment on announcements of the aid package, which is expected to be presented on Monday.

With the new package, the United States supported Ukraine with $8.8 billion.

The United States also recently opened the door for wounded Ukrainian soldiers to receive medical treatment at the large US base Ramstein in Germany.

Find a mass grave in Izium

A mass grave has been found near the Ukrainian city of Izyum, which was occupied by Russian forces, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and journalists from the Associated Press news agency said.

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According to the local police, more than 440 people were buried there.

The AP saw the mass grave in a forest outside Isium on Thursday. There was a large grave with a sign indicating that 17 Ukrainian soldiers were buried there. And the news agency wrote that there were hundreds of individual graves around, indicated by only a cross.

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