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Le doublé décisif de Rayan Cherki et la faiblesse de Brondby.

Above Ryan Sergi, Brandby is very light

Ryan Sergi’s decisive double, OL’s defensive weakness, Brandby’s weakness, our Brantby-Lyon tops and flops (1-3).


Performance XXL de Ryan Sergi

At the alternating current from the start of the season, Ryan Cherky responded to Brandby. Of all the good attacking shots on his team, the French hope was the real poison for the Danes. Much known in the first half, the 18-year-old left his mark in the second half. Ryan Sergi scored the equalizer to give Lyon the lead with a beautiful second goal. The author of a high-tech gesture made a difference to his opponent, the number 18 showed great clarity in front of the cages. The first two goals of the season should give him a lot of confidence.

Islam Slimani took advantage of the opportunity

In the rotation of the Olympic Lyonnais on Thursday, Islam Slimani scored points. The Algerian international, who joined Moussa Dembélé at the front of the attack, has withdrawn from the match against Brondby. The class line-up for the first goal, although he missed head-to-head, found the net at the end of the game for the former Leicester striker, who resumed a well-worked center from Lucas Bagota. This is Slimani’s third record in the Europa League, which will allow them to save time playing in League 1.


New goal scored

Fifteenth defense tie in League 1, with 21 goals scored in 13 days, Lyon Rearcard struggling to show calm. Despite Peter Bose’s earnings during the tenures of Da Silva, Lukeba, Henrique and Custo, the Lyon defense had a chance to make a clean sheet after a terrible disappointment at Renes (4-1). Michael Uhre missed a goal in the second half. To go further in the competition, the Department of Defense must show greater determination to fight against larger engines.

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Brandby, the step was too high

The fifth in the Danish league struggled to compete with the greatly redesigned team of Olympic Leonois at this meeting. Brandby showed remarkable defensive ability to knock out the leader of Group A. Red Lantern, who scored two goals in 9 days, said Brantby had already been eliminated from the Europa League.

Moussa Dembélé, a complex recovery

Moussa Dembélé, who returned from injury after missing more than nine matches, did not put weight on the encounter. The former Celtic Glasgow striker, who was loaned out at the front of the attack, failed to stand alone. His attacking friend, has distinguished himself and may gain a certain lead in the coming weeks. Moussa Dembélé should save minutes to gradually regain his ideal position.