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Academy coaches flood: Sporting celebrated Coach Day - Sporting

Academy coaches flood: Sporting celebrated Coach Day – Sporting

Frederico Varandas was present and introduced the importance of coaching the men and players to Team A .

The Sports Academy in Alcochet on Thursday was the scene of an influx of… coaches. This is because the Lions celebrated Coach’s Day, a meeting that brought together different elements from the different technical teams of the club’s football teams that worked to assess the 2020/21 and, at the same time, referred to the batteries for the new season.

The session started with Frederico Varandas’ speech in which the President emphasized the importance of training men and players to reach the first team. Then, one of Ruben Amorim’s assistants, Carlos Fernandez, made his contribution via a video call. “It’s an important moment for us to be together and discuss in a partnership of coaches where behaviour, values ​​and attitudes are discussed, within what we believe to be Sporting,” Tomas Moraes, sporting director of football coaching, told the media. The club, after an “exceptional year at all levels”.

The sports official stressed the importance of returning the club’s football squad to the youth league. “We have a project that will bring together coaches of different levels and players from different sports teams. Basically, it’s a transitional model with players we believe in, and obviously the youth league will be a test of that model. We want to be competitive, it’s a very strong international competition, but we want to be A competitor within our values: giving the player the opportunity to play so that the player can grow and be empowered in this competition,” he said.

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