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Accelerated BM Stall after the break!  13/13 and 29 points by James Palmer

Accelerated BM Stall after the break! 13/13 and 29 points by James Palmer

It took them a long time to go, but once they were gone, they could not stop. Arjat BM Stahl recorded a superb win after a superb second half.

Patryk Pankowiak

James Palmer

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Kudala / Photo: James Palmer

If James Florence had thrown accurately, by the end of the siren in the second quarter, it would have been a draw at half time. Asseco Arka fought equally, equally against the Arcade BM stall at the Astro Vilkopolsky. But only for the first 20 minutes.

After turning the pages, the Polish champions made more money. James Palmer Jr. excelled, Trey Dressel hit the key throws, and Michael Young dominated under the basket.

From 51:50 to 65:53. The “nip” took control and it was not handed over to the final siren.

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Guests cannot deny involvement. They struggled with ambition, but managed to score 67:76 in the fourth quarter. In return Young scored five points in a row (81:67) and Jaroslav Mogros added a goal from the basket (83:67) to end it.

Arcade BM Stall had his second and 11th consecutive wins in the 2021/2022 season. The Polish champions overcame staffing problems. Injured Kobe Simmons, Marcus Longkar, Jakub Wojciechowski and Igor Vadovsky have all struggled with illness.

James Palmer, who played better, scored 29 points in 32 minutes. The American used 7 of 11 shots, all 13 were free, and there were four thefts. Trey Drechsel collected seven balls, including 22 “eyes” for the yellow and blue score, and Michael Young scored 20 points in 6 of 7 long attempts.

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Philip Delevich scored 16 points for Azeko Arka, who recently defeated Trefoil Sopot in the Tri-City derby. The guests scored 28 of 67 shots from the field. Steel suffered only seven losses. Guinea lost their ninth defeat of the season.


Arjet BM Stall Astro Vilgopolsky – Azeko Arka Ktinia 98:75 (18:20, 25:21, 26:16, 29:18)

Furious BM Stall: James Palmer 29, Trey Tressel 22, Michael Young 20, James Florence 10, Damien Gulick 6, Jaroslav Mogros 5, Denzil Anderson 4, Kirstyff Rosbedovsky 2, Michael Pluta 0., Alexander 0.

Azeko Arca: Philip Tylewich 16, Dominic Wilzek ​​12, Jacoby Boykins 12, Novak Music 11, Bartomij Voloskin 10, Adam Hiriganyuk 10, Anthony Durham 2, Olaf Bersanovsky 0, Wozniacki 0.

Enerca Basket League 2021/2022

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