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Accidents: – Drops used: Warning

Accidents: – Drops used: Warning

It’s in a video dated Tik Tok Lydia Hartmann (22 years old) from Florida, USA talks about the unfortunate episode.

She woke up in the middle of the night and had to drip her eyes with eye drops.

– Still blood in the veins

But half asleep she managed to grab something quite different from the little bottle with innocent drops:

A bottle of super glue.

The unusual story has received a lot of attention in social media, with over five million views and hundreds of thousands of comments on TikTok.

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– It hurts so much

The 22-year-old arrived at the hospital as quickly as possible, where doctors first applied ointment to the eye to break up and dissolve the glue.

— but it didn’t work, and then they started squeezing glue to open my eyes, the 22-year-old explains in the video on TikTok.

It wasn’t successful either, and eventually the doctors had to use a metal tool to open the re-glued eye.

Thought he drank beer: dead

Thought he drank beer: dead

– It was very painful, says Hartmann.

She was sent home with antibiotic eye drops, and explained that her eyesight had been damaged after the accident.

The woman screams in shock when she sees what was hiding in her ear. Video: Tiktok/@munimarin. Correspondent: Anabelle Bruun / Dagbladet TV
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Others warn: – Read first

Messages of sympathy and support have poured in in the comments section.

“Yes! One commented, “I feel the pain through the screen.”

“It feels so painful. I hope you feel better,” another wrote.

GLUED FAST: Lydia Hartmann in the emergency department.  Photo: TikTok screenshot

GLUED FAST: Lydia Hartmann in the emergency department. Photo: TikTok screenshot
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But many also wonder how Hartmann managed to confuse the two bottles.

“Why do you have superglue next to your eye drops? That is the most important question here,” reads one comment.

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Discover cancer after steak and Bernays

“How did you do that? Didn’t you read the bottle?” another asks.

To which Hartmann replied that she had managed to confuse the two bottles in the dark.

On TikTok, she’s now warning others of similar mistakes, and encouraging everyone to read bottles carefully before taking eye drops.

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