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According to internet users, his face was replaced by a “failed operation”

Demi Moore appeared in an intriguing look British Fashion Awards 2021 This Monday, November 29. When the star stunned the assembly in a shiny dress, she surprised the whole world with her unique look. The 59-year-old actress revealed a deformed, drawn face, sunken cheekbones and an unusually heart-shaped mouth. It did not take long for the news to rain on Twitter, pointing out the possible actions of cosmetic surgery: ” Someone has to tell Demi Moore to sue her plastic surgeon, which is horrible “,” She looks like she has a rubber band around her face, more surgical in my opinion “Or” Failed surgery “This is not the first time Demi Moore’s appearance has come as a surprise and a question. Last January, the actress marched for Fendi. What became of his face? “,” She’s not like Demi Moore. The surgery destroyed her face “Or” Looks like a toy! », Can be read in the comments under the photo posted on Fendi’s Instagram account. At the time, the appearance was justified by make-up and lighting… In fact, the star later reappeared with her old face, thus abusing the scalpel and putting an end to the Botox ® over-the-counter rumors.

A compromise

Figure and public figure, Demi Moore has always been under scrutiny. In an interview with Harbors Bazaar in 2012, the actress said: ” Today, I accept my body, which includes not only my weight, but all the things that change it. Currently I am very skinny. I leaned in a way I never thought someone would say to me, “You’re so skinny, you’m not looking good.” When my body does not see the enemy, I feel relieved when I think of all that it has done for me. She gave birth to three beautiful children for me, allowed me to try many roles as an actress, and allowed me to be strong .

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