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Accused of fraud - - he pays millions

Accused of fraud – – he pays millions

Donald Trump and the Republican Party have paid nearly $13 million – roughly 120 million kronor – to former election campaign donors so far in 2021.

It’s reports The New York Times, as mentioned earlier this year How the Trump campaign apparatus should have misled people who wanted to donate lump sums to the campaign, to become regular weekly donors until Election Day.

According to the newspaper, donors had to manually check a box in digital form if they didn’t want to donate weekly. One additional pre-filled box, which is approved for withdrawal for an additional amount, will later be added to the forms.

According to the newspaper, this tactic has led to a wealth of fraud accusations and claims for refunds.

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$120 million recovered in 2020

The former president’s apparatus declined to comment on the refunds this year.

When the New York Times wrote in April that the campaign and the Republican Party had repaid $122 million — more than ten percent of the money raised through the WinRed platform in 2020 — spokesman Jason Miller said less than one percent of transactions were subject to claims. official reimbursement.

Republicans are thinking smarter digitally, ensuring President Trump is supported through fundraising activities. We’ve outperformed the Democrats at every turn, Republican National Committee Chairman Rona McDaniel boasted to Fox News, when donations soared for Trump’s birthday in June of last year.

It is quite clear that the Trump campaign used a deceptive tactic. If you have to pay that much money back, you are either doing something very wrong, or something completely unethical, says Peter Loge, director of the Political Communication Ethics Project at George Washington University.

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In the same period, Biden’s campaign machine paid out $21 million – just over 2% of the money raised through the Democrats’ donation platform ActBlue.

Both parties must have used this practice, as in The Federal Election Commission recommended a June ban. A spokesman for President Joe Biden’s campaign staff told the New York Times that they rarely use this method.

Didn’t stop after defeat

Donations to Trump’s apparatus never stopped when the electoral defeat became a reality at the beginning of November last year.

As is known, Trump stubbornly insisted on stealing the election winner from him, and encouraged his supporters to donate to the so-called “Stop Theft” campaign.

to me Forbes Trump raised more than $255 million in the eight weeks following Election Day. His device must be, according to CNN 546 donation requests sent via email and text message in the month after the election result was announced.

It was not clear how much money was raised for the former president’s attempt to reverse the election result.