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ACS joins Australian investment wave with new deals | Companies

Australia’s jealous health situation, after several months of restrictions in 2020, points to its commitment to investing in infrastructure to overcome the crisis, with more bids and awards for civil works projects. And ACS is one of the key players in the re-employment. A total of 513 million Australian dollars (approximately 334 million euros) worth of different subsidiaries have signed four works this week.

Your mineral processing company Setman And construction company CBP Contractors Queensland on Friday announced two deals worth A $ 100 million (.1 65.1 million). The first will develop a water recovery and chemical management system in a firewall mine operated by QCoal. The CBP, for its part, will complete the second phase of the Yarrabilpa School, in which the Queensland Department of Education has already commissioned the first phase. Both works will be completed in 2022.

Another of the Australian subsidiaries, UGL, Is part of the Gibbsland Railroad Modernization Consortium in Victoria. Rail projects are expected to launch in a few weeks with performance promoted by Victoria, and UGL expects revenue of $ 124 million ($ 81 million).

In this case, the contract includes upgrades to the platform, roads, signaling or level crossings. The award is available from December 2020, when the UGL proposal is selected as the preferred offer. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

The CBP has also signed a plan to renovate the Bruce Highway in Queensland, with the highest economic volume, up to A $ 289 million (188 188 million). The agreement includes the redesigning of 18 km of bridges with regional highways and the upgrading of 19 bridges. Workload will reach 2024.

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ACS owes 15% of the Australian market to, 5,389 million by 2020. The figure fell 26% due to the recessionary recession and the depreciation of the Australian dollar against the euro. The portfolio of Australian projects is 17,724 million, which is a quarter of the entire group’s operational cache.

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The Australian government has announced it will accelerate 15 infrastructure projects worth $ 72 billion by mid-2020. Different managements also agreed to halve the processing time for tenders. New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria or South Australia have ambitious investment plans in this sector until 2024.