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Activision reveals Battle Pass details for Season 3 of ‘Black Ops Cold War’ and ‘Warzone’

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The third season of The Black Cold War e War zone It promises a lot of new content, which is only part of 100 levels with new content that can be unlocked in the Battle Pass system.

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The player will be able to unlock new player variations and weapon designs – including the all-new interactive project – wrist accessories, weapon pendants, and more for use in Multiplayer. The Black Cold War And zombies who War zone. Free winable items include a new sniper rifle and SMT, plus 1,300 playable code points only.

Additionally, new packs are also arriving in the store, along with Season 3, including some villains, as well as tracking packs, masterpieces, interactive weapon projects and more.

Here are the key features of Season 3 Battle Pass and initial Store Packs:

Highlights of Season 3 Battle Pass

Level 0 – Auto unlock Wraith, new Woods skin, and more

New player – Wraith: The player can unlock this launcher with his legendary “disabled” skin, loaded with ammo and prepare to intimidate any opponent.

When completing Wraith Operator missions, the player acquires new XP, cosmetics, and Agent skins.

  • Leather Woods Operator: In step 0, the player has already unlocked a new skin “Stinger”. The layer also includes the launcher job and a new wrist accessory.
  • Seasonal Xp Boost

New free base weapons

Players will be able to take advantage of a new sniper rifle and SMT for Multiplayer, Zombies and Warzone. Both weapons are free to unlock with the Battle Pass system.

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PPSh-41 SMT (Level 15): SMT the fan favorite is back. This high capacity and fast fire weapon is ideal for close encounters where you need to eliminate multiple opponents quickly.

Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle (Level 31): A powerful sniper rifle built for strength and accuracy, Swiss K31 has exceptional accuracy, with fast loading and high speed aiming, with great ammunition capacity.


– Park skin “Tested in Battle” (Level 20)

– skin song “Infringement” (step 50)

– “Double click” termination module (step 19)

New weapons projects

The player will be able to find many new major and minor class weapon designs within the Battle Pass system, including the new Ultra-rarity project. See the highlights:

– “Vex Lord” assault rifle project (step 21 free)

– Venetian project “The Golden Rose” (Step 27)

– ML Project “Slow Death” (Free Step 55)

Step 95 – Design an extremely rare interactive weapon

Season 3 Battle Pass features the Ultra-Rarity SMT interactive weapon project, “Loud Pipe”. With interactive weapons, the player can literally show his strength, as the appearance of the weapon changes as the player accumulates losses in the match.

Level 100 – Complete the Battle Pass to get huge rewards

The main Agents that advance through all levels will collect these 100 Legendary War Spoils upon reaching level 100:

The most skilled operators who pass through all 100 ranks will collect Epic rewards when they reach the end:

– Wraith Skin and Operator Mission, “White Queen”

– The legendary sniper rifle project “Roman Standard”

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1,300 COD Points

As in previous seasons, the Season 3 Battle Pass system gives the player a chance to win up to 300 COD Points for free levels and up to 1,300 COD Points for a paid Battle Pass.

COD Points can also be used on in-store packages, below are some of the highlights of this Season’s Starter Packs:

Highlights of Season Three – Sheafness

Players can expect great news in store this season, such as Invisible Ink Pack, which brings together the legendary black ink knife, a legendary ballistic knife design along with the “armed and loaded” attachment and ballistic blasting strike. And complete new gestures, logos, and business cards. It is important to note that the ballistic knife will only be available in The Black Cold War Early in the season and on War zone later.

Also coming later in the season is the Knight Operator Pack, so player can guarantee Gray Roman Knight and other items.

When visiting the store, the player finds this and more, such as Pack: Full of Grace II, Tracer Pack: Alien Masterpiece Infestation, The Reactive War Pilot Pack, and others for this season.

The Season 3 Pass is now available for purchase

The Battle Pass for Season Three is now available for purchase for 1,000 COD Points. By purchasing it, the player can reach 100 levels within the Battle Pass system for the third season. Or for those who prefer, it is possible to purchase the Battle Step Pack for 2400 COD points, which includes the Battle Pass and 20 jump steps for instant access to items such as the PPSh-41 SMT, SMT Field Infantry Project, Legendary Double Click Terminator and more. .

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