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Actor Roy Angus has passed away at the age of 75

theStage, film and television actor, Ruy Francisco Oliveira Angus was born on February 15, 1947, in Dongo, Huila, Angola, and was the brother of actor Antonio Angus, who died at the age of 58, in January 1995.

Without specifying the cause of Roy Angus’ death, the same source added that the actor died in “a house belonging to the Socorros da Friguezia da Encarnação, ASFE Saúde, where he was institutionalized for some time.”

Roy Angus made his debut in theater in “Morte e vida Averina – Auto de Natal pernambucano”, by João Cabral de Melo Neto, in February 1966, at the Casa da Comédie, in Lisbon, according to the Centro de Theater Studies (CET) at the College Arts University of Lisbon.

The first professional performance will take place about three months later, on May 5, 1966, at the Teatro Experimental de Cascais (TEC), in “Mar”, a libretto by Miguel Torga, presented by Carlos Avilez, founder and artist of the company. director. , premiered with Plastic Realization by Almada Negreiros, at the Teatro Gil Vicente.

Mirita Casemiro, Felipe La Feria, Jelicina Quarten, Manuel Cavaco and Zita Duarte were actors with whom Ruy Angus appeared in that play, whose cast also includes Antonio Fiyo, in his theatrical debut, aged 11, Fernanda Coimbra, João Coimbra, João Vasco, Luis Neto, Marilia Costa, Santos Manuel and Serge Farkas, according to the TEC database.

Still in 1966, at TEC, he also worked on Gil Vicente’s “Auto de Mofina Mendes”.

At Casa da Comedia, in Lisbon, in 1967, he staged plays such as Racine’s “Os requestistas” in a version by Mario Braga and Ton Brolin’s “Olho de chalk”. In 1968, Samuel Beckett’s “Happy Days” was made at this company.

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In 1989, he was part of the cast in the play Appearance by Alan Bennett and the Teatro Estudio de Lisboa (Tal). In 1992, he performed “A berlaitada” by Carlos Martins, with music by Fernando Guerra, and “The Adventures of a Barber” by Adolfo Simoes Müller.

At the Companhia Vicentina Teatro de Todos os Tempos (TTT), in 1996, he performed “A Passion According to Santo Antonio” by João Osório de Castro.

Roy Angus has also worked on magazine shows at the Teatro Maria Vittoria.

In 1974, he participated in the film “Maltese, bourgeoise ea vezis” directed by Artur Semedo.

On television, such works as “A Grande Viagem do Santa Claus” and “O Professor de Música” in 1986, “Cobardias” and Histórias de outros tempos (1988), “Sabbath” and “Ai life” (1989) stand out. ) and “Bed, Table and Washed Clothes”, “Myths and Realities of Portugal’s History”, “Operation Camilo” and “Book Mouse” in 1990 and “The Altar of the Holocaust” in 1992.

“Soluna”, “Terra Instable” and “La Chunga”, all in 1993, are among the most recent television work Roy Angus has worked on.

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