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Actor Ruy Andrade’s father passed away.  The actor leaves an angry message

Actor Ruy Andrade’s father passed away. The actor leaves an angry message

sUi Andrade is in mourning. As revealed by the 38-year-old actor on his Instagram page, his father passed away unexpectedly (with no cause of death shared).

In a poignant letter to his father, marked by moments of exasperation and even rebellion, Roy says:

“What happened to my father? I ask but I have no answers… It all happened so fast!”

I have solace in knowing that I accompanied you until the last moment of your life! And to know that I am an honest, truthful, fair and hardworking man as you always taught me to be!

There is still so much to be done, so many plans to come true! I have always struggled on my own to get the career I always dreamed of. I couldn’t…sorry!

Your smile, real and naughty, will never be erased from my mind, I promise!

If I had already doubted whether life had any sense of justice, today I am sure that this is worthless! It’s all nonsense!

You leave a lot in us, but a lot, father, you can go with a clear conscience. You did an excellent job educating us, making this family, probably because it’s so strong, constantly bombarded! I’m full!

I know your little girl has been waiting for you with open arms and it gives me great joy to know that she is no longer alone!

I told you today while holding your hand that I loved you! And you won’t get lost!

I love you dad! “.

A message the actor left on his Instagram page© Instagram – Ruy Andrade

It is reported that in January 2021, Rui Andrade mourned the death of his sister Teresa, who lost her life at the age of 46, after suffering from ovarian cancer.

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