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Actress Claudia Jimenez dies

Actress Claudia Jimenez dies

The Brazilian comedian has worked with Jô Soares and Chico Anysio and participated in the popular series “Sai De Baixo”

Brazilian actress Claudia Jimenez died early Saturday morning at the age of 63. The translator of Edeliusza, from the humorous series “Say de Baixo”, was hospitalized at Samaritano Hospital, in Rio de Janeiro. The cause of death has not yet been released.

Claudia Maria Battiucci Jimenez was born in Barra da Tijuca, in the western region of Rio, in 1958. In her youth she began to devote herself to amateur theater, and soon after, she played her first roles on television. He started his career in TV Globo by participating in “Malu Mulher” in 1979, and later in “Jogo da Vida” TV series in 1981. He joined the cast of “Viva o Gordo” with Jô Soares. After that, he appeared in comedy shows like “Chico Anysio Show”, “Os Trapalhões” and “Armação Limitless”.

From 1990 onwards, Claudia Jiménez played the mouthful Casilda, one of the students of “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo”, with “Professor” Chico Anysio. It was she who said: kiss, kiss, dick, dick.

In 1996, Claudia played the maid Edelius, from the movie “Sai de Baixo”. His encounters with Miguel Falabella’s Caco Antibes had the audience laughing for a season.

Actor, playwright and director Miguel Falabella left an emotional tribute to Claudia on his Instagram account: “I’m lying, playing a movie in my head, trying to hold on to the many laughs we had, for the pleasure of acting together, their unique and unrepetitive time of comedy.”

Also via Instagram, Joaquim Monchique lamented the artist’s departure: “For everything, friendship, joy, laughter, work, for your immense talent, I am sure that all of Brazil stands today and gives you a big applause, glad you deserve it! Dear Portuguese actor said Cráudinha, I will always like you.

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The actress was the translator for the Brazilian version of Falabella’s “Mais Respeito Que Sou Tua Mãe”, which was presented in Portugal by Joaquim Monchique.

Claudia Jimenez also participated in the show “Zorra Total” from 1999 to 2001, playing the characters Glorinha and Greice Quéle.

The actress presented serials. Among the other entries were Pina from “Torre de Babel” (1998), Dagmar from “As Filhas da Mãe” (2001), Consuelo from “América” ​​(2005), Custodia from “Seven Sins” (2007), Violante from “Negócio da China” (2008), Zélia from “Beyond the Horizon” (2013) and Lucrécia from “Haja Coração” (2016).

In cinema, he appeared in “Gabriela, Cravo e Canela” (1983), “pera do Malandro” (1986) and “Os Trapalhes no Auto da Compadecida” (1987).

Her last role was Bibiana in the 2018 film Infratores at Fantástico.