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Actress Eunice Muñoz dies at the age of 93

Actress Eunice Muñoz dies at the age of 93

Eunice’s eyes opened to the world in 1928, in Amarilla. The daughter of Hernani Muñoz and Julia do Carmo, she inherited her passion for stage from her parents.

At the age of 13, he made his stage debut in Vendaval with Companhia Rey Colaço-Robles Monteiro, in Teatro Nacional D. Maria II. By word, Eunice opens the way to becoming one of the best Portuguese actresses.

He came to the cinema by Leitão de Barros in 1946, with Camões. Eunice doubled her talent in films, series and plays. He collects applause and prizes, turns characters into a family.

Without ever giving in to the progress of time, he decided to retire from the theater with the play “A Margem do Tempo”, along with his granddaughter Lídia Muñoz. He receives from the President of the Republic the Military Order of Santiago da Espada, Grand Cross.

on the day that Celebrating 80 years of her career, she returns to the National Theater Di Maria IIIt first appeared in 1941.

Beauty has never lacked in every gesture from Eunice Muñoz, a name that is often confused with Portuguese theater history.
Rui de Carvalho: “My sister, my friend, left without saying goodbye.”
Actor Ruy de Carvalho, who has shared his career with Eunice Muñoz, has made a publishing On Facebook about the actress. “This was the last time we danced together,” the actor wrote, followed by a video of the two men dancing on stage.

“My sister, my friend, left without saying goodbye. You shall be eternal.”he added.

Actor Herman José says he is going through a “mixture of feelings” regarding the death of Eunice Muñoz. “First, because I believe that life [quase] 94 years is a privilege, strictly speaking, We must consider the end of his life cycle a complete and completed workHe said in comments to RTP.

“On the other hand, there’s a part of us that doesn’t let that happen because she’s never really aged intellectually” and has always had “a constant curiosity about everything,” the actor and comedian said.

Hermann also noted that the actress “loved to live”. “The last time I was with her, she said to me softly, with difficulty speaking: ‘It is good that you live. For me, every day is necessary, even if there are days when I feel pain’“, She said.

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“Eunice is the epitome of life. If there is Workshop On the art of good aging, Eunice would be the perfect example,” Hermann added.

Actor Diogo Infante, who is also close to Eunice Muñoz, says he is shocked and talks about “the greatest Portuguese actress of all time”.

“Eunice… I am so sad. I called him for several days and then he has one thing and another. When [neta] Lydia called me, I felt something inside me. I’m heartbroken, I should have called. To hear the thread of your voice asking, How are you? ‘,” the actor wrote.

“The phone has already started ringing. They want reactions but I can’t speak… as if nothing had happened, you know? Magical thinking… If I kept the rings, maybe they would come back… But really, Eunice didn’t leave, because it’s eternal.” Its place has long been preserved in the annals of history. ”

Diogo Infante, Lost Today “The Greatest Portuguese Actress of All Time”. “Eunice, I thank you for everything, especially for the tremendous privilege of being a part of my life,” he added.

Pedro Benem, director of Teatro Dona Maria II, considered Eunice Muñoz “an essential figure, the Portuguese theater pillar”.

Speaking to RTP in Dona Maria II’s room, the director recalled in an emotional tone that “this was his house”, having made his debut at the age of 14.

“In this house, whenever Eunice arrived, the house was changing. People were more agitated, and it seemed like the house was shaking,” he said. “I don’t think we’ll ever understand what we’re missing out on today.”.

Marcelo talks about “unforgettable decades”. The Minister of Culture says that Eunice “is theatre.”
The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, had already given an “emotional tribute” to the actress Eunice Muñoz and thanked her for the “unforgettable decades”, on behalf of all Portuguese, mourning her death in amazement.

“I am deeply appalled when I learn of the death of Eunice Muñoz, A national reference, admired and respected by all Portuguese‘, announced the head of state.

The Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, also responded to the death of the actress. He wrote on Twitter: “Eunice Muñoz has definitively marked the Portuguese theater, working with the most important directors and companies, never failing to renew itself, reinvent itself and conquer successive generations.”

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Communication with the public has been consistent throughout his career, He believes that theater is meaningless unless it is done for the sake of others. Eunice, thank you so much for everything you’ve done Portuguese theater and culture”.

The newly appointed Minister of Culture, Pedro Adao e Silva, wrote a note of condolence on the death of Eunice Muñoz.

“It was an honor for Portugal to have an actress like Eunice Muñoz”Minister says. “An actress with a unique talent and a natural talent for acting. For the Portuguese, her life is intertwined with theater and theatre. We all know her and, therefore, we all have developed an intimate and emotional relationship with a woman of human trait and sweet and gentle inclination.”

For the Portuguese, Eunice Muñoz is theatre. It is a real lady theatre. Which, fortunately, the whole country was always able to recognize. At this moment, we owe him an eternal applause. We say goodbye to Leones Muñoz with deep sadness,” added Pedro Adao e Silva.

Speaking to RTP, the culture minister said it was “a great privilege” for Portugal to have an actress like Eunice, who “has a kind of talent, a natural talent for acting”.

“But there is an aspect that makes it eternal: we have all had, in some way, a close and intimate relationship with Eunice Muñoz (…). It was as if all the Portuguese knew her”, emphasized Pedro Adao e Silva, besides The departure of the actress will be accompanied by “eternal applause.”.

The President of the Council of the Republic, Augusto Santos Silva, considered Eunice Muñoz “a lady like no other in Portuguese theatres”, arguing that without her the culture would have been much poorer.

“Eunice Muñoz, the unparalleled master of the Portuguese theatre, has left us. Without it, our culture would be much poorer. Let us honor his memory, continuing to celebrate the theater,” the President of the Council of the Republic wrote, in a message posted on his Twitter account.

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Eunice recalls: “The theater needs us.”
Daughter and granddaughter of theater actors and circus performers, throughout her career Eunice Muñoz I entered nearly two hundred plays, worked with about a hundred companies, According to the database of the Center for Theater Studies of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon, in film and television, his name is associated with more than eighteen fictional productions, including films, series, and comedy programmes.

In April of last year, Eunice Muñoz was honored by the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, with the Grand Cross of the Military Order of Santiago da Espada, nearly three years after he was awarded the Order of Merit. .

Throughout 2021, With her granddaughter Lydia Muñoz, in the play “A margin do tempo”, in different stages of the country, The tour culminated in the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, in Lisbon, on November 28, exactly 80 years after the first show.

At the end of the session, which was attended by Prime Minister Antonio Costa, Lisbon Mayor Carlos Moedas and Culture Minister Graca Fonseca, the actress was honored.

“This theater has been my home for many years, and I’ve been happy on stage, in everything I’ve done here,” Eunice Muñoz said at the end of the session.

“I would like to thank you, the audience, who consoled me, who applauded me since I started, even now that I have celebrated 80 years of my career”confirmed.

“The theater needs us, us on stage and you are the ones who get the best of us,” added Eunice Muñoz.

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