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Atriz Maria João Abreu está em coma

Actress Maria Joao Abreu in a coma

Maria João Abreu suffered a ruptured aneurysm. The 57-year-old actress, who gave life to her Lusine in the SIC series “A Serra”, felt bad last Friday, April 30th, while recording the plot written by Ines Gomez.

Insisting on this malaise, health workers were immediately called to the scene and the actress was transferred to the García de Horta Hospital in Almada, where she remains in the hospital. According to a daily newspaper, during the recordings made that day, Maria João Abreu began to present “failures of reasoning and public malaise”, which led to her fainting.

Before being transferred to the hospital unit in Almada, José Rapuzo’s ex-wife was taken in an ambulance to Amadora Sintra Hospital, but the “seriousness of her condition” prompted the change so that specialists in Garcia de Horta could accompany her.

The actress, who was not diagnosed poorly, according to Goryeo da Manha, underwent surgery in an attempt to “stop the bleeding.” “A pillar has been placed [prótese metálica posicionada no interior das artérias obstruídas com o objetivo de restaurar o fluxo sanguíneo]But his condition is very sensitive, ”says a source in the same post. VIP also knows that Maria João Abreu is in a coma and has already undergone surgery.

“The whole family is grateful for the concern and the messages they have received” since the translator was admitted to the hospital, the SIC statement said in the early hours of Tuesday afternoon. “We ask all of you, especially social communication, to allow us to move past this moment with the calm and privacy needed to help Maria João Abreu overcome this challenge. Thank you,” Maria João Abreu’s family added.

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