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Actress reveals she was raped by Logan Marshall-Green during her marriage and recalls miscarriages

Actress reveals she was raped by Logan Marshall-Green during her marriage and recalls miscarriages

Diane Gaeta And Logan Marshall Green They tied the knot on December 12, 2012. They separated six years later, on February 1, 2019, but only officially divorced the following year. The 43-year-old actress and artist revealed that she was raped by her ex-husband when they were still married.

at the time Supreme Court of the United States Preparing to abolish abortion rightsDiane took to social media to talk about her experience. “I had two miscarriages. One of them was 18 and the condom broke. I attended NYU, was going to college and following my dreams, and I couldn’t even imagine giving birth and being a mother.”in writing.

I didn’t tell anyone. My friend was religious and I wanted to be with him. He told the family. congratulate him. I was terrified. I made him take me to paternity [que gere muitas clínicas de aborto], in Hackensack, New Jersey. left me. You don’t want to enter. The protesters were outside the clinic and everyone shouted at me when I walked in. Saying I’m a killer. It was painful from start to finish And I was completely alone. However, I am grateful that I had this choice. I was not attached to error and a religious man.”he added.

Then Diane recalls the second miscarriage she had when she was 35 years old. “I was married and had two children, but my husband practiced and joked about ‘marital rape’, She said. Although the husband’s name was not mentioned at the time, it is possible to conclude that he was referring to Logan. The former spouses have a common son, Tennessee Logan. The actress is also a mother cola mayas a result of a previous relationship.

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We fought and then had sex in the dark.remembered. The actress explained that she told her it was her fertile day and asked her to stop. He said: No, he did not stop. I got pregnant”She said.

“He was in Jordan filming a movie and I was alone with my child. I told you and He said that if I had another child, he would divorce me. He didn’t want another child, case closedhe added. “I went to my obstetrician and he told me he doesn’t like the baby’s growth levels and it’s okay to have an abortion even if I’m devastated because the baby might be abnormal and not viable anyway”continued.

Diane Guetta decided to go ahead with the abortion and has no regrets. “Had it not been for the abortion, I would have had to carry a child whose tissues were growing on the walls of my womb with a man who was raping and physically abusing me. And he would leave me with a third child on whom I was completely financially dependent.”He said.

“Again, I went through this abortion on my own and with that, the abortion helped me save and shape my life. Abortion is a woman’s right and cannot be undone. If you thought you didn’t know a woman who had an abortion, now you know.Been completed.