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Actress says walking dead co-worker is disgusting: ‘licks people’

cast the walking Dead There was no major controversy. On the contrary, it appears to be a united team.

From union and intimacy, strange testimonies arise. One of Lauren Cohan, Maggie, about Norman ReedusHey Daryl.

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In a funny interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress made a statement about her colleague. I called Lauren Cohan Norman Reedus From “disgusting”.

The reason will be the “standard compliance” that the star the walking Dead I like to use. Norman Reedus “Licking people in the face.”

The claim was confirmed by Andrew Lincoln, Rick Grimes. It is worth noting that this happened before the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Hey Daryl D the walking Dead He also answered about the revelation. To Conan O’Brien, Norman Reedus He said the verb became a “trademark”.

He famously admitted “licking the faces of his co-stars.” For this reason, Reedus came up with an idea on a trip.

actor the walking Dead Take several pictures licking effects. Since then, the star has normalized this act.

Once again, everything changed due to the pandemic. Norman Reedus I had to undo this strange habit.

the walking Dead On Netflix and Star Channel. The eleventh and final season of the walking Dead Premieres August 22 on TV.

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