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Actress Sophie Marceau reveals she is amorous and ensures ‘all is well’ in her love life – Observer

Actress Sophie Marceau, 56, made a rare confession about her private life when she came out as romantic, as she was more drawn to intelligence than a person’s physical appearance.

This announcement came in an interview with the French newspaper Release At the launch of his new book “La Souterraine”. When the opportunity arose to talk about his love life, Marceau explained that “everything is fine” and revealed that he is sensible.

The term sapiens is derived from the Latin word sapiens, which means wisdom. In this way, people who identify with this sexual orientation You are attracted to the other person’s mindIntelligence, culture and charisma are important factors for falling in love.

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In addition to knowledge, attraction also arises for other types of intelligence, eg emotional or social. Thus, a reasonable person is more attracted to the idea of ​​having an intellectual conversation than to the physical appearance of the other person.

During the interview with the French newspaper, Marceau did not specify if his heart was occupied. Despite being well known to the general public, the movie star has always been secretive about her personal life. Throughout her career, she had only three known relationships: the first with director Andrzej Zulawski, with whom she had a son, Vincent, the second with producer Jim Lemley, the father of her daughter Juliet, and the third with actor Christopher Lambert, with whom he lived. Until 2014.

However, the actress Not the first celebrity To use the term to refer to their sexual preferences – and the definition began several decades ago. actually Marlin MonroeIn the 1950s, she stated that she was attracted to readers and intelligent people. The actress even went so far as to declare that Albert Einstein was the most seductive man she had ever met, after suggesting to the physicist that they have a child together so that he would have the physical appearance and intelligence of Einstein.

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Recently, British musician Mark Ronson has also come out as a sexist. The Academy Award winner for Best Original Song for “Shallow,” performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in “A Star Is Born,” made the announcement in 2019 during the Good Morning Britain TV show.

These days, virtual dating has Promoted to libido. While in apps like Tinder, physical appearance is the first thing that catches the eye, in social networks, a constant conversation over text, even before two people meet face to face for the first time, creates a relationship based on each other’s tastes and experiences, developing this side.

Sophie Marceau’s statement caused bewilderment among her fans, who made comments on social media Negatives or supported actress.

Considered one of the best European actresses, Sophie Marceau’s rise began in the 1980s after her participation in the movie epic “La Boum” by Claude Pinotto, which allowed her to win the César Award for Best New Actress.

His biggest projects arrived in the 1990s, as he was a part of such blockbusters as “Braveheart” from 1995, “Firelight”, from 1997, and “007 – The World Is Not Enough” from 1999.

Her new book, “La Souterraine,” is released on May 4th and comes to show a different side of the actress. Although Marceau does not confirm that these are biographical accounts, according to the French magazine sheIt is believed that her life inspired her to write the book.

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