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Adam Cole is a few days away from leaving WWE

Adam Cole is a few days away from leaving WWE

A lot of ink has been run due to the possible departure of Adam Cole from WWE. And if it is true that the match between Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly was a precedent-NXT na hero Brand WWE is yellow, there are still some doubts about what his future will look like.

Despite all the speculation out there, the actual date on which Adam Cole’s contract extension with WWE will expire is now known. Shawn Ross Sapp claims that although Adam Cole is currently unemployed, he has been told more than once that this is not true and that Adam Cole’s contract extension with WWE expires next Friday, Thursday, August 27.

In other words, to be honest, at least this week, it won’t be possible to get the former NXT Champion either in dynamite would like frenzy, which will be recorded this time and will not be a live show.

This is one of those situations that will remain inked, at least until something concrete happens, whether it’s Adam Cole’s contract renewal announcement or a surprise appearance on a TV show. AEW by the fighter.

In your opinion, will Adam Cole stay in WWE or head to AEW?

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