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Adam Cole reveals why he left WWE in AEW

Adam Cole reveals why he left WWE in AEW

Directed by Adam Cole Give WWE and its subsequent journey to AEW It was one of the greatest “exchanges” that happened in the world wrestling in 2021.

Speaking at a Motor City Comic Con panel, the undisputed Elite fighter explained the three big factors that drove him to sign with AEW once his WWE contract expired.

The first is about Brett Baker:

One of the biggest things was getting close and seeing Brett [Baker] Much more. At the time, our schedules were so different that I sometimes saw them for about half a day, one day a week. Sometimes I didn’t see her for weeks on end. So you can travel with her and be behind the curtain when she enters after a fight or promo He is very good.

Another important factor related to the audience, having said the following:

It looked like a lot of fun [a AEW]. I knew a lot of people in Listbut seeing this crazy crazy crowd every week, I was like “Oh my God, I love fighting in front of these fans.”.

Finally, Adam Cole explained that the third factor is the ability to maintain it Twitchwhich is something that should come to an end if he stays in WWE.

What do you think of Adam Cole’s career in AEW?

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