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Adam Copeland wins and loses the TNT Championship

Adam Copeland wins and loses the TNT Championship

During Apocalypse Saturday, Adam Copeland won the TNT Championship, but lost it back to Christian Cage shortly afterwards.

The two former friends and now rivals faced each other in a no disqualification match for the TNT Championship, A.J rematch From the fight they had a few weeks ago, at Dynamite in Montreal, Canada.

Adam Copeland attacked Christian Cage during his entrance and forcefully controlled his challenger throughout the arena for several minutes.

The “Rated R Superstar” mistake, is what the “Instant Classic” needed to stay in control, after he started using multiple weapons.

With the chairs, ladders and tables already in play, everything indicated that Adam Copeland would win after a while SpearBut Nick Wayne and his mother intervened and this almost gave Christian Cage the victory.

However, Adam Copeland made the young man pay the price and had him “walk through” a burning table, and in the ring he struck out Low blow that it Kill switch at Christian Cage to win the match and win the TNT Championship.

After the fight ended, Killswitch attacked “Rated R Superstar” with extreme force and was preparing to take his chance to fight for the TNT Championship, which he won in the Battle Royale at Zero Hour.

But Christian Cage forced Kelswitch to give him the contract for that opportunity, and we battled for the TNT Championship once again. “Instant Classic” wasted no time however Spear He won and regained the title.

What do you think of the non-elimination match? What about the development surrounding the TNT Championship?

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