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Windows 10 Microsoft apps instalar gerir

Adding apps to Windows 10 just got easier with the new version from Microsoft

Those who manage apps in Windows 10 know how Microsoft has improved this process. After many years without any control, we now have the app store and other ways to manage every way apps are installed.

Being an ongoing process, Microsoft now has an official novelty. It is finally available for all Windows Package Manager, which will allow adding and managing applications in Windows 10 easily and quickly.

Microsoft has been setting up Windows Package Manager for several months. This is the tool that the software giant has prepared to simplify the entire software installation process on Windows 10.

This is the first stable, open version of this new proposal. Like many other application managers, Winget wants to simplify this entire process. To do this, it allows you to install, configure, update and remove a very large list of applications.

Windows 10 Microsoft Application Installer

The first time Windows Package Manager was introduced was at Build 2020, it was revealed as a real change in Windows 10. Microsoft made the tests public and even its code was open to everyone at Github, To be evaluated and improved by any programmer.

Now, as revealed at Build this year, this tool is finally available to everyone. Just install the app Application installer, Directly from the Microsoft Store, to access Winget and all of these management features.

Windows 10 Microsoft Application Installer

Whoever has already been testing this novelty, will now receive the expected update that gives access to all novelties. Anyone wanting to experiment The simplicity it offers-Just install this new version and explore what it has to offer with the Windows 10 terminal.

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This is proof that Microsoft is not only focusing on graphics development in Windows 10. It is also investing in tools that make managing this system simpler and more efficient for users.

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