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Adobe Fresco is now available in the Microsoft Store

Adobe Fresco is now available in the Microsoft Store

Adobe Fresco is now officially available for download from the Microsoft Store, giving users a new way to access Adobe’s digital drawing application. The application was previously only available through the Adobe website. The Store version is still provided and managed by Adobe, which means it is not physically hosted on the Microsoft platform. Anyway, it was just a simpler way to access it.

Adobe Fresco is now available in the Microsoft Store

One of Adobe’s newest creative tools, Fresco is a digital drawing and painting application developed for touch-screen devices first. It’s already available on the iPad and iPhone, but not on macOS. So it’s really designed for touch screens, even on Windows 11.

According to Adobe, Fresco has the largest and most advanced collection of brushes in the world, with thousands available in the Adobe library. The purpose of this app is to mimic real life as closely as possible. So when you use, say, watercolors, you’ll see the colors mixed in real time. You can also paint with oils and use a variety of other tools to create the artwork you want. Fresco supports layers, layer masks, and other features you would expect in a graphic design tool. Since it is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, it also links to assets from Photoshop or Illustrator.

Meanwhile, in addition to sharing your finished artwork, Fresco has built-in live streaming capabilities so you can more easily share your knowledge with others. Alternatively, you can export a timeline of your drawing and painting process when you’re done.

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However, what this version of Fresco lacks is support for ARM-based devices such as the Surface Pro 9 with 5G or the Surface Pro X. This is something Adobe initially promised back in 2019 when Surface Pro X has arrived. Three years later, she still hasn’t. Recently, at the Snapdragon Summit, the company reiterated its intention to launch an ARM version in 2023, so let’s hope it won’t be a long wait.