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Aedes aegypti: Bulletin notes 45 new probable cases of dengue fever in the Midwest;  See data for Chikungunya and Zika |  Midwest

Aedes aegypti: Bulletin notes 45 new probable cases of dengue fever in the Midwest; See data for Chikungunya and Zika | Midwest

The Epidemiological Bulletin of the occurrence of Aedes aegypti in the Midwest, issued by the State Department of Health (SES-MG), on Tuesday (15), indicated that the region recorded 45 probable new cases of dengue compared to previous post.

Data from January 1 to June 15. In this new prospectus, the Midwest has 1,275 probable cases of dengue.

Lagoa da Prata It continues with the greatest number of possible cases of dengue and chikungunya In the region: 277 and 308 probable cases, respectively.

Until now, No city in the region has recorded a death from dengue fever. Tuesday’s bulletin also noted possible cases of chikungunya and Zika in Midwestern cities (check below).

According to the report, dengue fever cases were recorded in 41 cities in the region.

Minas Gerais had 22,129 probable cases of dengue. Of that total, 10,202 cases have been confirmed.

Possible cases of dengue fever in the Midwest

City number of cases
Abaete 3
Argos 10
Arcos 22
Good thing 62
lamps 10
Capitol Building 30
Carmo da Matta 5
Carmo do Kajuru 8
Carmopolis Minas 4
Claudius 2
Conceição do Para 1
Divinopolis 80
Indaiá . pain 5
ant 41
Igaratinga 28
Iguatama 2
Etina 17
Jabariba 1
Lagoa da Prata 277
Leandro Ferreira 1
Light 21
Martino Campos 4
New Mountain 155
olivera 3
Jaguar Bitangi 5
pain 9
parrots 52
Hobby 2
Barra de Minas 171
India Stone 1
Beijing 13
birdigau 5
Chili pepper 4
Bitangi 29
Biumhi 92
Pompeii 4
headquarters 5
Santo Antonio do Monte 73
Sao Gonçalo do Barra 8
Sao Roque de Minas 1
São Sebastião de Oeste 9
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According to the latest bulletin, there have been no confirmed deaths from dengue fever in the Midwest. So far, three deaths from dengue have been confirmed in the state.

According to the current bulletin, the The Midwest has 390 probable cases of chikungunya. The city with the largest number is also Lagoa da Prata: There are 308 records.

Archos has 38 probable cases of the disease; The ant has 7; Pom Despacho has 6 states; Itana and Santo Antonio do Monte each have 6 probable cases of the disease; Nova Sirana has 3; Carmo do Cajuro, Moima, Nova Serrana, Barra de Minas and Perdigao all have one probable case each.

According to the report, 5,081 probable cases of the disease have been registered in Minas Gerais. Of this total, 3,850 have been confirmed. According to the bulletin, there is no confirmed death from the disease in any city in the state.

Regarding possible cases zika, the state bulletin indicated a record in Itaúna, 3 in Lagoa da Prata and 2 in Santo Antônio do Monte. In Minas, 94 probable cases have been registered so far. Of this total, 17 have been confirmed. No Zika virus deaths have been reported in Minas Gerais.

See possible cases of Chikungunya and Zika virus by municipality:

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