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Afghanistan - - get down

Afghanistan – – get down

On Sunday, the Taliban moved to Kabul while the country’s president fled and the regime collapsed. The situation shook both the United States and other allies, and there were panicked conditions for evacuating people through the airport of the Afghan capital.

Many have compared the situation 20 years after the war to the situation when the United States withdrew from the Vietnam War. All this seems to have taken the Biden administration by surprise, and among his main critics it has not surprised Trump.

Acceptance: Chaos erupted at Kabul airport, Afghanistan, after the Taliban took control of the city. Video: Twitter: @bsarwary
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– legendary

What Joe Biden did in Afghanistan is legendary. It will go down in history as one of the greatest defeats in American history! Trump writes in a statement.

This is despite the fact that the situation in Afghanistan arose after the withdrawal of US forces that Trump himself agreed with the Taliban last year. The Trump administration has agreed with the Taliban to withdraw US forces by May this year. In return, the Taliban will offer a number of security guarantees, NTB writes.

Biden has postponed this deadline for US troop withdrawals to the end of August.

– Not a big deal

It is time for Joe Biden to shamelessly step aside for allowing what is happening to Afghanistan as well as a massive upsurge in the pandemic, the border disaster, the destruction of energy independence and our crippled economy. This shouldn’t be a big deal because he wasn’t legitimately elected in the first place! Trump claims.

The former president has always claimed that the elections were stolen from him without providing any kind of documentation about the allegations.

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It is expected that Biden himself will comment on the situation in Afghanistan in the near future. His Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, categorically denies that the situation can be compared to withdrawal from Vietnam.

“The US war in Afghanistan was a success when we succeeded in achieving our primary goal, which is to hold those responsible for 9/11 to account,” Blinken told ABC News.