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After 25 years, Gosha returns to present “Festival da Canção”

After 25 years, Gosha returns to present “Festival da Canção”

MAnuel Luis Gocha returned to the house where he was born on TV! The broadcaster was one of the hosts of the second semi-final of the “Kansao Festival” held on Saturday, March 2.

Before the ceremony began, the broadcaster shared something on his Instagram page, in which he talked about his time at RTP and the connection he has always had with the competition.

“I come from a time when the RTP Song Festival was the TV event of the year. It brought the country to a standstill, people gathered at friends' houses or in cafes and placed bets on what we wanted the winning song to be. RTP was TV,” he highlights.

“It would be natural, once in office, for him to cherish the dream of presenting a version of the festival. This is what happened in 1999, at another time, the private stations were already there with all the programming alternatives, upon invitation,” recalls the then program director María Elisa Domínguez, After she was paired with Alexandra Lincaster.

“It's been 25 years and today I return to RTP to also celebrate the 60th anniversary of the festival. I'm back with Sonia, with whom I performed 'Praça da Alegria' at the time. It's going to be a good night”he says finally.

See photos of Manuel Luis Goscha at the “Cansão Festival” in the gallery.

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