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After a controversial split, Jani Gabriel and Rui Porto Nunes unite in pain - Nacional

After a controversial split, Jani Gabriel and Rui Porto Nunes unite in pain – Nacional

After about four months of separation, Gani Gabriel and Rui Porto Nunes cry from the same pain. The former couple said goodbye to the dog Thor, who was shot on Monday, 2, by a friend of the broadcaster due to an advanced case of cancer.

On Instagram, the three reacted to the difficult time they are going through. Janie, a video in which he appears At different times with Thor.

A big piece of me left with you. Many know how much I want you and how much I want you. You taught me unconditional love, you licked my tears from my sadness and you were with me in happy moments. I hugged you until I crushed on you over and over even though I knew you were sick of so much pampering. I told you in your ear how much I liked you until I couldn’t get any more and it was no different in the last seconds with me,” Janie said in the video caption.

Jani Gabriel and her ex-fiancé, Rui Porto Nunes, love a dog

Rui Porto Nunes also showed one of the moments with “Son of the Heart”as he called it. “Thank you for loving me unconditionally. You will always be my son from the heart. I will always think of you when I lay on the couch and miss you and ask me to snuggle on my legs. I will miss you forever licking my mouth until you put them to sleep. My lips. I will miss that sparkle in your eyes in my Every time I see a ball. I didn’t want to wait until the end to tell you that your voice matters. You’ll be forever, always you. Until always, Thor.” she was Veterinarian Andre Santos, who – which He was on vacation in Mexico with Janie Gabriel in June, who also revealed on Instagram that The dog was slaughtered by him and was suffering from cancer. “Today this strong woman had to sleep her best friend! She was devastated, cried for the past few days and was in great pain because she carried him in her lap! She is so brave and I admire her so much!”, he said.

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