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After a legal war with TVI, Quentino Ayres comes out to defend Judith Souza: "I could not stand two years of torture" - Nacional

After a legal war with TVI, Quentino Ayres comes out to defend Judith Souza: “I could not stand two years of torture” – Nacional

Quintino Ayres defended Judith Souza regarding the controversy opposing her on TVI, After her controversial exit from the channel. Psychologist, now on CMTV, Relive some of the situations he went through as a worker at the Queluz de Baixo station To justify his support for the journalist.

“I can totally understand. I lived through the exact same story that Judit lived, so there is no doubt for me that Judit is telling the truth. What you say, I’ve lived that too. Of course I don’t have the dimension of Judit Souza, who is a complete journalist, with the power that has the It’s in Portugal. I’m only Quintino Ayres, but the story they’re referring to, are stories I’ve lived through,” he began by saying on CMTV.

“Receipts that were not paid and then we say we did not deliver, the receipts that we deliver and then we say this number was here and not there… To receive the last few months in TVI, let me tell you, I came out in such a disgraceful way It was necessary for the lawyer to file a lawsuit. However, they still lied and said they had already paid and then a bank statement was needed to prove they didn’t and only the following year, in agreement, they finished paying. I leave. (…) I couldn’t stand two years of torture“, he added.

“When they come to the company they offer us to do one thing and then do something completely different, arrange an activity, and at midnight the day before, call us to say that after all not to go, We get there to do one thing, and then on top of the action, we have to do something completely different. I’m talking easy because I have all of this in writing, with email exchanges, and the situation has been resolved. I have no doubts that Judith is right because I lived through it‘, he completed.

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“I am sad that such an important station that has given so much to the country, which I have loved so much during the twenty years I have been there, and which has done such beautiful things, behaves in the wrong way with the collaborators, who methodically show themselves to be kind to the staff, and that is able to Drive the employees crazy and play this game, which always results in the employees themselves not having to go through it anymore and having to leave.”

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