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After a long illness: BBC presenter Deborah James dies

After a long illness: BBC presenter Deborah James dies

After a long illness with cancer
BBC presenter Deborah James passes away

Deborah James has been battling colon cancer for years. Now the BBC presenter has died at the age of 40. His family writes that he was an “inspiration”. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also “deeply saddened”. Britain made a last-ditch promise to the other victims.

The fate of the critically ill BBC presenter Deborah James has moved many, not just in Great Britain. According to his family on James’ official Instagram account, he died of cancer on June 28 at the age of just 40.

“We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Dame Deborah James, the eldest wife, daughter, sister and mother. Deborah was surrounded by her family today and passed away peacefully,” says the film, which shows a healthy James glowing with joy.

The presenter was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016. Despite chemotherapy and several surgeries done, the cancer could not be defeated. About a month and a half ago, James shared via Instagram that he had no hope for her and that he would die in the future.

Despite this shocking realization, he did not back down, but released pictures of himself almost every day after that, showing his determination to enjoy his life to the fullest. On June 18, he shone with joy and announced that he had raised one million British pounds for the Cancer Foundation.

“We are incredibly proud of him and his work and charitable campaigns, fundraisers and his tireless efforts to raise awareness for cancer,” his family posted. James is an “inspiration”.

Since his discovery six years ago, James has done everything he can to educate people about the disease and actively contribute to the fight against it. For example, his BBC podcast “You, Me and the Big C”. Queen Elizabeth II made James a woman and gave her the title of Knight, and Prince William met her and personally gave her the Knightley Order.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson He wrote on Twitter that he was “deeply saddened”. “The awareness he raised for colon cancer and the research that funded his campaign will be his lasting tradition. Thanks to him, many lives will be saved.”

In her family record, Deborah James gives final advice to her followers: “Find a happy life; take risks; love deeply; do not regret it; and always be rebellious.”

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