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Inédito em Portugal! Vendas de veículos elétricos superaram os a gasóleo

After all, how many electric cars are there on European roads?

Much is said about the increase in electric vehicle sales worldwide and it is increasingly common to see this type of vehicle on the roads. Loading structures are also appearing in more and more places and there is no doubt as to what the future holds.

But, currently, what percentage of electric cars are on European roads?

With the electric car sector booming, many consumers are already choosing these options when buying a new car. However, it is normal that this transition does not happen overnight.

There are still many calculations to be made. In addition to being expensive vehicles, charging involves a longer operation or local conditions that not everyone can afford, maintenance involves completely different procedures than a combustion car, and there are still a few charging points ... and the list could go with another series of arguments .

Electric cars in Europe

according to one Study published by ACEA - Driving Mobility For EuropeCurrently, only 0.5% of cars in circulation in Europe run on electricity.

During the sale of hybrid and electric cars connected to electricity keep growing And in 2021, sales of electric cars exclusively exceeded one million, and the data confirms that the transition to this type of vehicle will take time.

In 2021, the car fleet continues to progress, having gone from an average of 10.7 years in 2016 to 11.8 years in 2021, the number of vehicles in circulation on our continent continues to grow and old cars are not replaced at the desired pace.

Electric cars in Norway

The example of Norway and the special case of Portugal

Today, Norway is one of the countries that buy the most electric cars. In 2020, more than half of the cars sold in the Nordic countries were exclusively electric (54%) and last year, in November, this was Value increased to 73%.

Despite these numbers, the truth is that there is still a huge gap between the percentage of electric vehicles sold and those already on the road. The most recent study indicates that in Norway, there are currently only 12.1% of trams on the roads, compared to 36% for petrol and 43.5% for diesel.

The country's car fleet is even aging, at 10.7 years, approaching the European average (11.8 years).

Iceland is the second country in Europe in terms of the number of electric vehicles on the roads. However, the number is lower. According to the presented data, there are only 2.8% of electric cars out of the total number of cars traded in the country. The Netherlands ranks third in the ranking, with only 2% of trams on the go.

Portugal matches the European average, as 0.5% of cars are exclusively electric. In hybrid components, oddly enough, the ratio is 0.6%. Diesel cars 59.9% and gasoline 37%.

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